Cassie is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Reckoning. She is one of the fatalities of the Club Kitty accident and is the secondary guitarist for the rock band The Vipers, led by Jessica Golden. As Cassie was playing along with her band, the lead singer has a premonition of the club collapsing due to a misfired bullet, which kills Jess and the rest of her band. Cassie used to date Charlie Delgado for a short period of time until she caught him cheating on her with her sister.


After Jess has her premonition of the club collapsing, Tony leads her backstage to comfort her while Cassie remains inside the club. After Jess is escorted outside of the club by the bouncer, the club caves-in, killing Cassie and several others.


  • In Jess' vision of the club collapsing Cassie is killed when the lower half of her body is crushed by fallen debris. Since she didn't leave, it can be assumed she died in the same fashion.
  • On her way to the club Jessica Golden spots a homeless man nearby, doing his own spastic dance. Jess and the other survivors of the collapse would have several more encounters with this vagrant, who is implicated as having foreseen the club collapse along with Jess.
  • While waiting in line to get into the club Jess notices the "Enter Here" sign above the entrance has been defaced, with "Abandon fate, all ye who" having been scrawled on top of the sign.
  • Inside the club Jess is approached by Ben, who comments on how lame the club is. Jess agrees, responding by saying that taking TNT to the place and completely demolishing it would be an improvement.
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