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Carter Horton
Carter Horton
Portrayed By
First Seen
Full Name
Carter Horton
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
135 lbs.
Cause of Death
Crushed by a neon sign
High School Student (Formerly)
Terry Chaney-Former Girlfriend; Deceased

Alex Browning-Former rival, now friend; Deceased
Clear Rivers-Friend; Deceased
Billy Hitchcock-Rival; Deceased

Dustin - Friend; deceased

Wait, whoa! We get thrown off the plane, we blow what? A half a day in Paris? All because Browning has a bad fucking dream?

Carter complaining about Alex.

Carter Horton is a main character in Final Destination and is a survivor of the Volée Airlines Flight 180 plane crash. He was a senior jock at Mt. Abraham High School and the rival of Alex Browning. Carter was among the students who board the plane.

Carter was the fifth survivor of Flight 180 to die.


Carter was born on March 11th, 1982, in Mt. Abraham, New York. He is very arrogant and hot-tempered, and often fights with Alex which he bullied whenever they're together. He is also dating Terry Chaney, and the two go on the school's annual field trip to Paris together.

Final Destination

Carter, with Terry after the plane explosion

Carter boarded Flight 180, with his girlfriend Terry. When Alex attempts to warn the other passengers about the plane exploding, Carter believes he is making the whole thing up as a joke, and tries to fight him. As a result, both of them are removed from the plane, along with Terry and five others. After the plane departs, Carter began to criticise and mock Alex, who fights with him at the terminal. While the guards manage to separate them, the plane explodes shortly after, as Alex predicted.

In the aftermath, Carter continued to show hostility towards Alex refusing to admit that he saved him. At the memorial service, he tells Alex that he doesn't owe him anything and that he is in charge of his own life. Later, Carter is driving with Terry when he sees Alex and Clear talking at a cafe. When he confronts Alex, Terry storms on in frustration and is suddenly killed by a speeding bus, leaving Carter devastated.

Carter confronts Alex at the cafe

When the survivors reunite, Alex explains that Death is claiming the lives of those who were meant to die on the plane. After learning that he is next on Death's list, Carter, frustrated over having no control over his life, begins to drive recklessly through the street despite the others trying to stop him. He finally stalls his car on a railroad track, wanting to die on his own terms. Carter changes his mind at the last minute but finds himself trapped inside the car when the doors are locked and his seat belt jams. However, Alex manages to save him at the last second, just before his car is smashed by an oncoming train, and Death skips him.


For all I know it could circle back and get us all again, but I am the safest fucker in the world, because you're still next.

Carter, just a few minutes before his death.

"So who's next?" Carter, immediately before he is crushed by the neon sign.

Six months later, Carter, Alex and Clear travel to Paris to celebrate their survival. While relaxing outside a French restaurant, Alex starts to see more omens foreshadowing his death and Carter playfully taunted Alex, claiming that he is next. After Alex leaves the table he is almost hit by a bus, but it swerves and crashes into a pole, that flies into the air and knocks a sign of its hinges. The sign comes swinging down towards Alex, but Carter shoves Alex out of the way at the last second, claiming that he was right to which Alex responds that Death just skipped him.

When Carter questions who is next, the sign swings back down towards Carter, crushing him and revealing that if Death skips someone it will eventually come back for them.


  • The sign that hits Carter reads 180 backwards.
  • Sam Lawton, the first visionary chronologically, was on Flight 180 to receive his internship at the restaurant Carter died at.
  • A man is singing 'Rocky Mountain High' in French.
  • Before the accident that causes his death Alex sees a butchered piece of meat.
  • A gust of wind blows when Alex starts seeing omens, hinting at Death's presence.
  • Carter almost died when a train almost ran his car over, but Alex saved him at the last second. In return, Carter helped Alex from the sign at the last second.
  • Alex is nearly ran over by a bus, the same way that Terry died. Ironically, Carter was mocking Alex for being next, just as he was mocking Alex when Terry died.
  • After Terry dies, the bloodstain on Carter's face really looks like number "5". He was the fifth survivor to die, after Death skipped him earlier.
  • The plate number is RFK- 575 which is for Robert F. Kennedy who was shot.

Alternative Ending (Alive)

In the alternative ending, Carter can be seen in front of the Flight 180 memorial, crying. After seeing Clear and the son she just gave birth to——Alex, named after his deceased father, Carter wipes his tears and says that Alex will never have chance to see him, but Clear responds that “he sees him, every day.” Later Carter says that Alex was right about the design, and claims that they beat death, but Clear responds that they only won a chance at a full life, before a leaf lands on the camera ending the movie.

Final Destination 2

Hey, do you guys remember that theatre in Paris that collapsed last year and killed everybody inside? Well, I had tickets to go but one night, I'm in Paris and I'm just tripping on acid and sipping lattes and such. And then all of a sudden, this dude out of nowhere just gets whacked by this falling sign.

Rory, sharing his story to the survivors.


Clear, when she notices the previous event.

The newspaper involving Carter's death.

Carter was briefly mentioned in Final Destination 2, by Rory Peters, a survivor of the Route 23 disaster. Rory reveals that he was supposed to go inside a theatre that collapsed on the guests, but decided not to go after witnessing Carter's death.

The Final Destination

Though Carter is not mentioned in The Final Destination, the character Carter Daniels is named as an allusion to him. Additionally, a car resembling Horton's is briefly seen.

Final Destination 5

Oh, excuse me. Um... those passengers who got off the plane earlier — what was that all about?

A passenger to the flight attendant.

A kid had a panic attack and wanted off the plane. Said he had some kind of vision.

The flight attendant, in reply.

Carter as seen in Final Destination 5.

Carter is seen being thrown off of Flight 180 at the end of Final Destination 5. The group of arguing classmates pass by the seats of Sam Lawton and Molly Harper, before the plane explodes.


  • He was the first survivor to die off-screen.
  • Ironically when Terry is hit by a bus, he was the only one not showing clear shock.
  • In the script for Final Destination he is described as, CARTER HORTON, the class dickhead who mix and matches his role models in the most superficial manner.       
  • Carter was one of the people in final destination 1 who wasn't named after someone. The other ones were Clear Rivers, Christa Marsh and even the victims of flight 180 was named after people the crew members.
  • Carter is one of six characters that were not the visionary to intervene in someone's death.
    • The other five are Ian McKinley, Lori Milligan, Kevin Fischer, Thomas Burke, and Nathan Sears.
      • Carter is one of only three characters to save the visionary. The other two are Ian McKinley (Albeit inadvertently) and Thomas Burke.
  • Carter is the only character in the series that is not a visionary to save more than one person. He saved Alex from the falling sign, and his death inadvertently caused Rory Peters to miss his death.
  • Carter, along with Nathan Sears, were the only two survivors to be the fourth to die on the list and were saved.


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