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Candice Hooper
Candice Hooper
Portrayed By
First Seen
Full Name
Candice Charlotte Hooper
Also Known As
Candice Caldera (earlier script)
New York
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
166 cm
122 lbs.
Cause of Death
Snapped her spine after falling from a set of gymnastics bars
college student
Presage Paper intern
Peter Friedkin - Boyfriend; Deceased
Olivia Castle - Rival; Deceased
Molly Harper - Friend; Deceased
Sam Lawton - Friend; Deceased
Dennis Lapman - Boss; Deceased

You know, if you want to get rid of that baby fat you should try the gym. They have these workout machines that you use on your back. You're good at that.

Candice, commenting on Olivia's breasts.

Candice Hooper is a main character in Final Destination 5 and is a survivor of the North Bay Bridge collapse.

Candice was the first survivor of the North Bay Bridge collapse to die, and chronologically the first survivor to die in the entire series.


Candice was a pretty and athletic girl who lived in New York and was an athlete for her college varsity gymnastics team in addition to being a student. Candice is shown to care a lot about her being a gymnast and she lives a healthy lifestyle. She also worked at Presage Paper, dating Peter Friedkin, and having a rivalry with Olivia Castle.

Final Destination 5[]

Candice and Peter, before the company retreat.

Candice was on her way to a corporate retreat with her colleagues when Sam Lawton has a premonition that the bridge they're crossing will collapse, killing everyone on it. When he panics, Peter goes to check on him and Candice follows Peter off the bus moments before the bridge collapses as Sam predicted.

After the accident, Candice and the others attended the memorial service for the victims. 

The next day she heads to the gym with Peter for the last practice before the championship. At first she doesn't want to go, because she is still shaken up by the bridge collapse, but Peter eventually talks her into it.


A freak accident resulting Candice to have her body violently contorted.

While practicing, Candice complains about the heat and urges her coach to fix the air conditioning. When the air conditioning unit is finally fixed it begins to shake, and a screw comes loose and lands on the balance beam. The screw goes unnoticed by Candice who nearly steps on it.

While Candice is practicing on the high beams, Porter practices on the balance beam and steps on the screw. She falls off the beam, knocking over a bowl of powder, which is blown into a fan and temporarily blinds Candice while she is swinging on the high beams. Unable to see, Candice loses her grip and flips mid-air. She eventually lands on the floor, causing her spine to crack and her legs to be folded over her head. Bones and blood spill out of her violently contorted body as Peter, her coach and the other gymnasts watch in horror.


  • Candice felt a black shadow fleet pass her.
  • As she feels the gust of wind, the lights at the gym flickered lightly.
  • Candice's comment on Olivia Castle's breasts include the words back, workout, gym, and machine, and Candice dies by breaking her back while doing a workout at a gym using equipment that could be called a machine.
  • Her good-luck rubber band that she twirls on her wrist snaps prior to beginning her gymnastics practice, hinting at the nature of her death, and how she wouldn't be that lucky.
  • During the conversation between Peter and herself, Peter repeatedly mentions that the practice is the "last one" for Candice before going to regional.
  • Candice says her coach would kill her if she missed the practice.
  • During her practice, right when she moves to the bars, her coach tells her to "stay loose".
  • Candice was almost electrocuted by stepping on the puddle that had dripped onto an exposed wire, but she was interrupted and went on to practice the high beams.
  • Both in the premonition and afterwards, Candice dies by support beams. In the premonition, she is impaled by the beam/pole of the boat that holds onto the sails. In her practice, she is moving on the unfixed, loose beam.
  • Both in the premonition and afterwards, Candice falls to her death with her spine being damaged. In the premonition, she falls and is impaled through the spine. In her practice, she falls on the ground, breaking her spine.
  • When Candice felt a gust of wind blowing by, a girl was using the balance beams in the background. If you look closely, it looks like the girl is going to hit Candice's neck.
  • The cord that Candice had stepped on, after she is nearly electrocuted on a puddle, the cord bears slightly the image of a skull.
  • The screw that falls may be a pun on the term 'Don't screw it up' which means not to fail at something horribly, to which Candice had definitely done. 
  • Due to the creativity and popularity of her death scene it can be said that Candice's death was a great head start to the film, both literally as she fatally landed on her head and due to the fact that her death was chronologically the first death.
  • In the song "Dust in the Wind", the same song, Sam heard in the bridge, has containing some lyrics, such as, dust, and wind. In Candice's death, the chalk dust blows in the wind and killed her.
  • Ashley Tisdale, who auditioned for the part of Erin Ulmer in Final Destination 3 and Nadia Monroy in The Final Destination, auditioned for the part of Candice.



  • Candice and Lewis Romero from Final Destination 3 share some similarities in that they are both sport players and that both of them died in their respective gyms with a lot of witnesses around.
  • In the premonition, her death is similar to Perry Malinowski's from Final Destination 3. Although, Perry was impaled in the chest while Candice was impaled in the abdomen.
  • In one script draft she was going to be CANDICE HOOPER (real name: CANDICE CALDERA), 23, Dennis Caldera's daughter; Caldera being the original surname of Dennis Lapman. However, she was changed to being Candice Hooper, an intern at Presage Paper with Dennis as her boss instead. Producer Craig Perry later confirmed the change.
  • Chronologically, she is the first survivor who is killed by Death (and the first female one). Tod Waggner held this title before the release of Final Destination 5.
  • In one of the television edits when Candice's broken body is shown after her death there are no bones sticking out.
  • Due to the suspense and planning of her death, Candice's death has become one of the franchises most popular death scenes.
  • Her death causes her boyfriend become mad and causes his desire to kill other people. She has this trait same with Erin Ulmer and Cynthia Daniels.
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