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Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be pulling away from the gate as soon-

The possible voice of Mr. Smith, before his radio dies out in Final Destination 5.

Mr. Smith was the pilot of Flight 180 in the movie. His wife Pam Smith had a premonition of his death, and he was one of the victims on Flight 180. Mr. Smith's voice was heard in Final Destination and Final Destination 5, and a news about him was found by Nick O'Bannon and Lori Milligan in The Final Destination.

News about "wife had premonition of pilot husband's death"


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  • In the novel, Flight 180's pilot was named Charlie Mannings, and he was the replacement for Flight 180's scheduled pilot (who had been involved in an automobile accident and called in injured).
  • It's unknown whether Mr. Smith and the Co-pilot were the same character.