Brad is a character in the novel Final Destination: End of the Line. He the boyfriend of Kate Shelley and is a medical student, just as she is. Brad is a bit of self-centered, caring more about his well-being instead of Kate's and sex. After Kate's near-death experience during Sux racing, Brad was annoyed by all of the frequent nightmares that Kate was having. Even though Brad eventually began to lighten up on Kate, she realized that their relationship was becoming boring and wasn't the same as it was when Brad and Kate were eighteen five years ago. After Brad spots Danny King inside his apartment and becomes aggressive with Kate, she kicks him out of her apartment.

Later on, when Brad goes to pick up the rest of his belongings from the apartment, he finds Danny and Kate having sex.


After Brad walks into a room and witnesses Danny and Kate having sex, he walks inside and starts fighting Danny, swearing and punching and kicking him repeatedly. As Danny begins to defend himself, he realizes blood is spewing from Brad's chest. Brad collapses to the floor, deceased, and Danny looks into the doorway to see Tiny Tim carrying a suppressed Magnum, one he used to shoot Brad in the back with.

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