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180Sideways 180Sideways 2 days ago

Hope this stops the trend

Thanks to Unknown43, I have created the category page for the characters to have cheated Death's list in hopes that people would stop saying that "this character was the only one to survive" or "she was the only visionary to survive". Just because the page says that the character survived doesn't mean that they were the only ones to survive. Please read the page before saying that or else.

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KennyHealey420 KennyHealey420 4 days ago


Hi! my names Gator and my pronouns are in my bio and usually put them on the bottom of my comments! I really like Danganronpa, South Park, FNaF, and Final destination (obviously) I also like drawing and reading and it feels really nice to know other people like final destination as much as me! I also really like Alternative, Hyperpop, Rap, and punk rock music along with the alternative, punk, and scene style if u wanna talk leave a message on my message wall!

-Gator (He/Claw/Guro)

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Lakerfan Lakerfan 15 days ago

An apology.

A few months ago, I have recently saw the page that caught my attention on doing. Because Final Destination: Wipeout was the one. And because TheResidentEvil was telling me not to make any plagiarisms every time. Because, I swear that I was only looking at the page and not making it. First, I harassed him on Twitter and second he blocked me because of what I've done regarding my wrongdoings. I've been doing so hard and all the recent months I have no choice of doing it.

So I have already decided that I will lose the Wipeout I was working with, move on to different stuff, and make good deeds all the time. This means that I will never harass him again as long as I have to say sorry. 🙇‍♂️ So, TheResidentEvil, will you please forgive me?

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180Sideways 180Sideways 13 December 2021

Death of the Senses

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Unknown43 Unknown43 20 November 2021

Wiki adoption

A bit of an impromptu announcement, but after a bit of discussion and consulting with FANDOM staff, me and former thread moderator Lakerfan have successfully adopted the Final Destination Wiki and taken it over from the old group of admins, who haven't been active since 2019 at the latest.

In the time that's passed since that happened, we've nuked most of the spam and fanfiction pages on the wiki and moved some pages to places where they'll fit better in some cases. The major issues are gone, but there's still a lot of work to be done. I'm looking forward to doing some fun things in the wiki in the future alongside everyone else in the community! Peace.

Also I know me marking this as an announcement is kinda late but just ignore that lol

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Unknown43 Unknown43 21 October 2021

New admins

I think this wiki needs to be adopted or something so that we can put new admins in place. The only admin on the entire wiki hasn't been active since 2019 and the wiki rep hasn't done anything here at all. It's pretty necessary too, considering there's a ton of spam and fanon stuff that needs to be cleared out.

But before we contact FANDOM staff, we should decide who the new admins and mods should be. @Lakerfan is the obvious choice, since he's the only active mod and has pretty much carried the whole wiki lately. But ideally, there should be a group of multiple admins that jointly run things on the wiki. That way stuff can be managed more effectively with the extra manpower, and there won't be a power vacuum if any one person goes inactive…

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Kaaaylee2007 Kaaaylee2007 12 July 2021

Audrey Roses

Audrey was impaled by a Pole in the Chest.

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Kaaaylee2007 Kaaaylee2007 11 July 2021

James Brown

He was ran over by an ice cream truck when Bella wasn't looking.

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Kaaaylee2007 Kaaaylee2007 11 July 2021

Rory Davids

Rory says the n word at James and Bella and just walked away when he caught on fire and exploded infront of James and Bella.

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Kaaaylee2007 Kaaaylee2007 11 July 2021

Shawn Allen

Shawn and Bella are in the woods but a tree came and smash him with his head and arms being the remainings of him,Bella ran away screaming.

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Robertoiglesias Robertoiglesias 4 February 2021

Hi I'm back, kind of

Hi, it's been a while since I've been on this fandom. And I'm surprised and glad to see that I'm ranked #9 on this wiki. So while I listen to Maroon 5's 4th album, I'm going to rank the Final Destination movies. Just a heads up, I don't find any of them to be bad to be honest.

Spoilers, duh.

5. The Final Destination (2009) - 6/10

It's an okay movie in my opinion, but it has some flaws. First, I think it's too short. It seems like this movie is trying to quickly go through everything within 81 minutes. The first (or second if you count Nadia Monroy) survivor, Carter, dies 21 minutes in. Samantha is next, but she's surprisingly killed 29 minutes in. The third/fourth survivor, Andy, dies 38 minutes in. You'd expect the second, or even first surv…

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Everyone is die Everyone is die 3 June 2020

Our final final destination (Season 3)

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Everyone is die Everyone is die 30 May 2020

Our final final destination (Season 2)

Another copy and paste for the second season

Before they can graduate they must learn one more lesson....YOU CAN`T CHEAT DEATH

  • 1 Plot Summary
  • 2 Cast
  • 3 deaths(premonition )
  • 4 Deaths
  • 5 Explanation
  • 6 Sequel

taking place a year after Our final destination Season 1 a Truck full of chemicals crashes into the FD high football game due to a near by car pileup causing the death of students however A football player named Jay Wright has a vision of the event and Saves those who were meant to die however our two survivors from last season Freddy and Martin however once freddy is hospital bound its now up to freddy and jay to stop death from taking the souls he was owed

  • Ariel Winters as Cheryl Bisset
  • Josh peck As Jay Wright
  • Levi Miller As Luke El
  • cameron monaghan As Orio…

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Everyone is die Everyone is die 29 May 2020

Our final final destination (Season 1)

This is a copy and paste "Remaster" of a page i made on the fannon wiki A thing for a 5 episode Fd Tv series injoy

  • 1 Charecter Bios
  • 2 Disasters
  • 4 Plot Summary
  • 5 Cast
  • 6 Deaths

(This was not in the original page for the series only billy john got one there put in the order they die)

Paul Roe: A Cop in the city along with Billy john while not being his partner he`s your typical donut eating fun cop being a sleep at the time of Billy Johns premonition he dies first from getting crushed by the truck that was rammed into an apartment building collapse

Drake Scott: A firemen who dies second in the vision second due to his heart condition and was having a …

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Lance Faulkner Lance Faulkner 28 May 2020

Creating an alternate death for Olivia without a LASIK eye surgery

(I completely imagined this. Tell me if you like it.)

Olivia parks her car in the parking area. She gets out only to step on a snake. She panicks and stomps it away and the snake hides in a hole nearby. Before Olivia could enter the building where she was supposed to have the surgery, her glasses fall down. She starts searching for it (and reaches the exact spot where she fell on the car in the actual death. But this time, the car isnt there. She finally puts on the glasses again and there is an earthquake. Everything starts shaking and Olivia falls on the ground. And from the top starts following the window glass. Olivia rolls to avoid the falling glass continuously as they fall one by one. She keeps rolling avoiding each glass by an inch.…

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BothersomeBarb BothersomeBarb 25 May 2020

Places FD6 can link to; Loose ends

FD1 - Two characters in FD5 are riding the Flight #180 plane. They're supposed to be dead. That means two people were in the same chain with Alex and Clear that we don't know about. This is unlikely but if the writers wanted to bring back Alex he could have faked his death somehow. It'd be less cheap then him getting killed between two movies.

The third dude might also be alive, somehow. He was alive in the original filmed ending where Clear gave birth and broke the chain.

FD2 - Kimberly and Cop dude are still alive.

We've learned how all the FD2 characters were supposed to die, but the FD1 characters survival changed the timeline. This could be true for all FD Deaths.

FD3 - Wendy and the other two rollercoaster survivers and a few people on t…

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Lance Faulkner Lance Faulkner 22 May 2020

All Premonition Deaths Tier List

Here is the Premonition Death Tier List. There are not many bad premonition deaths you know.

(Didnt include Terry, carter, Valerie and Billy cz there death are supposed to be same as Alex. While Tod's neck was broken with a bag, he is included)

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Lance Faulkner Lance Faulkner 20 May 2020

All Real Deaths Tier List

Here is it. Its based on my opinions. What are your thoughts

(Didnt include Ashlyn bcz she had the same death as Ashley's. Neither Molly)

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Sp00ky-s3as0n Sp00ky-s3as0n 16 May 2020

Fan fiction.

I feel like there needs to be a different wiki page for fan fiction. Since it's not tecnically appart of the series there shouldn't be pages like "clown" and other people who aren't in the movies or books. Not saying that people shouldn't make their own stories, it just shouldn't be added to the wiki.

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Crststephen Crststephen 13 May 2020


Welp... It's now 20 years since Volee Airlines Flight 180, on May 13, 2000, Volée Airlines Flight 180 (or Flight 180) operated by a Boeing 747-200 departed from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, and was destined for Paris, France when it exploded shortly after takeoff and killed everyone aboard. It is the first major catastrophe of the series seen in Final Destination.

All people who are 287 passengers in this plane, were killed in the explosion, including Sam, and Molly were on it. 


You'll be missed. 

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Sp00ky-s3as0n Sp00ky-s3as0n 4 May 2020

Final Destination 2 book

Does anybody know where I can buy the Final Destination 2 book? I've looked on Amazon and the only one I can find is $125 and as a 13 year old I really have no way of getting that money. If anybody knows where I can get it at a reasonable price, like 20$ at high it would be deeply appreciated. It is the one by Nancy A. Collins, not the movie script.

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Sp00ky-s3as0n Sp00ky-s3as0n 3 May 2020

Final Destination 2 // Kim and Thomas's alternative deaths

Ok so I'm really lame since I just watched these movies. Although, I just got into the Final Destination series but I'm OBSESSED. I literally watched all the movies in one go because they are so good! My personal favorite movie was Final Destination Two. I thought the car crash was interesting and thats something I love about all of the starting scenes. All of the starting scenes are something that could easily happen in real life. I think all of the characters trying to cheat death in FD2 were cool as well. I'm very glad that Thomas and Kimberly survived but now that I've read about them in this wiki page it says they died. It also says that they died in the alternative ending. I think there friendship was so great and I'm sad that they d…

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IdeaFan128 IdeaFan128 1 January 2020

The Full Flight 180 Scene (Fusion)

I found this amazing mashup of both the opening and ending scnes of Final Destination 1 and Final Destination 5 that depict the explosion of Flight 180. They even went as far as to make the music flow smoothly throughout to video and add Alex recounting his premonition to the actual crash.

One of the best attempts I've seen to fuse these two movie scenes into one.

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AFanOfFiction1994 AFanOfFiction1994 28 October 2019

Train 081 Novelization

I made a novelization for Train 081 sequence.

Check it out here.

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TheFlowersInTheDustbin TheFlowersInTheDustbin 24 October 2019

Final destination 4 sucked, Fight me

[Final Destination 4 sucked, it was the worst movie in the series, 

If you think otherwise id like to hear your opinion because in genuinely interested In what people think about it. 

TheFlowersInTheDustbin (talk) 23:34, October 24, 2019 (UTC)

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Vasilios diagoumas Vasilios diagoumas 4 September 2019

Alamans 19 Apartment Building

This building appeared in The New Destination.

Death Toll: Unknown but most likely 8.

This was an apartments building in Trikala, In the end of The New Destination when Margarita, Manolis, Thanasis, Mairh, Vasiliki, Panagiota, Panagiotas' son and Panagiotas' grandaughter get out of the building to call the police, a cement truck run in fast speed towards the building, the screen fades to black as a text crawl appears saying that whether the truck killed the 8 people is determined by the fans as crushing sounds can be heard, as the credits roll.

  • Jimmis Tsirpos
  • Petros Mpalafoutis
  • Takis
  • Loukia
  • Eleni

  • Alice
  • Panagiota Petroxilou (possibly)
  • Thanasis Mpalafoutis (possibly)
  • Margarita Mpalafoutis (possibly)
  • Vasiliki Stahatou (possibly)
  • Mairh Stahatou (possibly)
  • Apostolis (possibly)…

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TheResidentEvil TheResidentEvil 12 July 2019

Does someone want to add this to Death of the Senses?

Does anyone want to add these photos to the Final Destination: Death of the Senses page?  I am on mobile and having a heck of a time trying to add them.  Many people are curious about what the spine error is on the book and it is Rebecca's name being there instead of Andy McDermott's.  If better photos are needed, I can take some more.

Also, several people have been wondering if more could be added to the character deaths.  I read through them and they seem on par with the other book pages.  Not sure what else would need to be there unless people are asking for actual excerpts from the book.  Unfortunately, that cannot be done as it is copyright protected.  

Lastly, before anyone asks: No. I will not sell you my copy. No. I do not know where…

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Horrorfangirl180 Horrorfangirl180 12 July 2019

my favourite movies

i love the final destination movies so much, i don't know why i love them so much but i think it's between the actual plots of the movies and how original and creative the storylines are and how the casting for each movie is so perfect and i couldn't imagine any other actor replacing them for the characters. i've lost count of how much times i've watched each movie because i can't get enough of them, it's kind of dramatic saying this but each movie has it's own ways that i just love so much and means a lot to me. they have truly made me feel better about a lot of things, a lot of people say that the movies are anxiety inducing and when i first watched them i could agree with that but now in a way they calm me down. so i guess this post is …

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GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX 11 April 2019

Major Edits of Popular Characters With Additions of Fanfics to the Wiki

With the addition of fanfiction stories to the wiki, many popular pages will have major edits. Most of these are characters (Death, William Bludworth, Kimberly Corman, Kevin Fischer, etc), but articles such as Volée Airlines Flight 180 and Death by Caffeine will also have major edits. Many pages are going to be added as well. Just telling everyone ahead of time, in case the wiki suddenly doubles in size (I honestly don't think it will unless I make more than my planned three fanfics).

EDIT: I will make more than three fanfics. I am already planning a fourth one that will happen five years after The Final Destination.

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GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX 11 April 2019

Final Destination: Evaders of Death

Final Destination: Evaders of Death is an upcoming Final Destination fanfiction story written by TheOriginalGoatMan. It will be about Pam Smith and Officer Perry after the events of the Volée Airlines Flight 180 explosion, where Pam's husband, Cameron Smith, was killed.

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GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX 24 March 2019

55,000th Edit

Apparently, I got the Lucky Edit badge for making the 55,000th edit on this wiki! I am now ranked #50 on the leaderboard with 230 points (I have a lot of catching up to do if I want to even get to #20). Thank you all for making this possible! I only found out about Final Destination on September 25, 2018 (ironic, right?), and I already like it better than Star Wars (that is a huge accomplishment for Final Destination to achieve)!

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GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX 21 March 2019

Chrystina Donath

Chrystina Haweis Donath is the protagonist of Final Destination: Dealer's End and the visionary of the 180 Car Company explosion. She witnessed almost every survivor's death except Cindy Lighter's.

Chrystina was born on September 25, 1989, and shares a birthday with her brother, Justin, who was born in 1982. Ever since she saw the news of the North Bay Bridge bridge collapse and the explosion of Volée Airlines Flight 180, Chrystina was obsessed with Death. Her room was full of Death related things. When she graduated in 2008, she rushed to buy her own apartment, and filled that up with Death related stuff. She drove a red Ford Mustang from September 25, 2005 to January 6, 2009.

Chrystina decides to buy a new car and drives to a dealership called 18…

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GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX 20 March 2019

Final Destination: Dealer's End

Final Destination: Dealer's End is a Final Destination fanfiction story written by TheOriginalGoatMan, also known as GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX. It takes place in 2009 right after the McKinley Speedway accident.

On the same day as the McKinley Speedway accident, Chrystina Donath, who knows almost as much as William Bludworth about Death, has a vision of a car accident causing a chain reaction that makes the 180 Car Company dealership explode. She gets herself and 10 others away from the dealership right after the crash.

Later that day, after the survivors were interrogated by Agent Dong, Chrystina manages to convince everyone that Death is after them, especially because of more recent disasters since Flight 180 (Route 23 and Devil's Flight).

Three days…

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GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX GoatManakaHerobrineRBLX 20 March 2019

Final Destination Fanfics

Since the novels and comics are not considered canon and are therefore fanfics, may people like me add information about fanfics that we make? I just finished one on, but the site doesn't support my browser and won't let me publish it unless I use a different browser. Mine is called Final Destination: Dealer's End. When published, it will be the only finished FD fanfic on I will start to create some pages about the fanfic soon. If I am told I can't, I will delete my pages. Thank you!

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Forest Green Rovers Forest Green Rovers 23 September 2018

fiery 86

I took the message

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FieryWolf29 FieryWolf29 23 September 2018

Can we get an admin?

It's come to my attention that user Forest Green Rovers has recently gone on a editing spree, creating pages of characters that don't exist, adding excessive amounts of catagories, and editing certain current pages in ways that do not need it. While there may be other lurkers causing havok, the problem remains that there isn't anybody to report these incidents to. Without an active admin, I feel that these people are able to reck havok without consequence. From what I can tell, it's impossible for someone in my position to remove some of these pages (Examples 1 2), and the amount of "contributions" they have done, which has been gained primarily from overzealous editing of false pages to begin with, means they are able to access and edit g…

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DonTurner DonTurner 15 September 2018

Final Destination 8

The opening scene of Final Destination 8 begins with scenes of the Berlin skyline during the daytime with classical German music and landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Cathedral, Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz, and the Fernsehturm. Afterwards a group of college kids are on summer vacation in Berlin in their fourth day in Berlin and are about to leave the hotel to go up the Fernsehturm (TV Tower). The names of the characters are Deanna, Amanda, Jeff, Devon, Blake, Roger, Rebecca, and Mike. When the college students arrive at the Fernsehturm after getting off the top on hop off sightseeing bus, Deanna has a vision of a fire starting in the kitchen of the revolving restaurant and killing most of the people inside the Tower including ever…

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Forest Green Rovers Forest Green Rovers 25 July 2018

McKinley High School Lab Accidents

McKinley High School Lab is the Lab where the McKinley High School Lab Accidents happened in Final Destination: Lab Thing at 28 May 2018. All Lab equipments went crazy for Death’s Plans.With Devil’s Flight,it is one of the two disasters that survivors are more than casualites.

18 McKinley High School 12 Grade students were at the Lab with their teachers,Mrs.Worris at a wednesday evening.

Jonathan Asparagus was talking to Hakanow O’Banner about soccer.Zino Writing was right front of them. Oxford Horse was doing experiments with Samantha Daniels.Everything was okey in the Lab.Mrs.Worris was so boring.

Minutes later,Jonathan Asparagus saw a metal simple machine was swinging. It was 13 kgs.Then Jonathan s…

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Forest Green Rovers Forest Green Rovers 9 July 2018

Chris Sallace

This will be expensive. Chris to Tilda,about the parasailing. 

ChristianChris Sallace is a main character in Final Destination Miami and is a survivor of Hotel Theatre explosion. He was a man that loved entertaintment.                                                                                                                                   Chris was the second survivor to die.

  • 1 Biography 
    • 1.1 Final Destination Miami
    • 1.2 Death
    • 1.3 Signs/Clues
  • 2 Trivia 

Chris was a man that loved fun and entertaintments like her wife,Tilda. He was a bit arrogant,rude and a flatulent. He loved his wife.

Chris was in the Hotel Canc theatre while Annabelle saw a premonition about theatre will explode. He argued with Nate,then Chris and Tilda walked away.             …

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Forest Green Rovers Forest Green Rovers 23 June 2018

Emma Monroy

  • 1 Emma's last words
  • 2 Death
  • 3 Signs/Clues 
  • 4 Trivia

Emma Monroy is a main character in Final Destintaion:Lab Thing and is a survivor of McKinley Highschool Lab accidents. Emma got long blonde hair and brown eyes. She was a good friend of Samantha and Julia. Her school was McKinley Highschool. On 28 May 2018,when Jonathan saw a premontion about schools lab,she go out with Julia,Sam,Diana and Zino.  3 Days later after the accidents,she go to Zino's funeral at morning. After funeral finished she go to the optician that Jonathan,Hakanow and Samantha is resting and talking about Death's List. Then Jonathan saw a vision about her death but Emma didn't understand anything. At the moment a gardener in a garden that is front…

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Forest Green Rovers Forest Green Rovers 22 June 2018

Zino Writea

This lesson finished for us.
  • 1 Zino to other survivors when they go out from lab.
  • 2 Biography 
  • 3 Final Destination:Lab Thing
  • 4 Death 
  • 5 Appearances
  • 6 Signs/Clues 
  • 7 Trivia

Zino Writea is a main character in Final Destination:Lab Thing and is a survivor of McKinley Highschool Lab accidents.       Zino was the first survivor to die. 

Zino was a girl that had long black hair,black eyes and glasses. She was Hakanow O'Banner's good friend. She was a student in McKinley Highschool.

Zino was in the lab on 28 May 2018 with her classmates. She go out from the lab when Jonathan Asparagus saw a premontion. On 30 May 2018;while everyone going to house, she asked Jonathan they can drink a coffee with Hakanow. But he said no so Zino walked home,alone. 

While she is going…

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Forest Green Rovers Forest Green Rovers 22 June 2018

Zino Writin

Zino Writing is a main character in Final Destination:Lab Thing and is a survivor of McKinley Highschool Lab accidents. Zino was the first survivor to die.

== “This lesson finished for us.” Zino,to other survivors where they go out from the lab. ==

== Biography Zino was a 18 year old girl in McKinley Highschool. She was a good friend of Hakanow O’Banner.

== Final Destination:Lab Thing On 28 May 2018,she was at the Lab when Jonathan Asparagus saw a premonotion. She went out with other survivors. On 30 May 2018

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Forest Green Rovers Forest Green Rovers 22 June 2018

Zino Writing

Zino Writing Zino Writing is a main character in Final Destination:Lab Thing and is a survivor of McKinley Highschool Lab accidents. Zino was the first survivor to die.

Biography Zino was a 18 year old highschool student in McKinley Highschool. She and Hakanow O’Banner were classmates and good friends.

Final Destination:Lab Thing Zino was at the Lab with her classmates on 28 May 2018. She went out with Jonathan too. On 30 May 2018 she asked Jonathan they can go to a coffee shop with Hakanow. But he said no. So Zino walked alone to home.


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DonTurner DonTurner 1 June 2018

Final Destination 7: Bludworth Origins

The opening credits for Final Destination 7 show the 1972 New York City skyline lit up at night with landmarks like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center Twin Towers, and the Chrysler Building it up and the music from the opening credits of Final Destination 3. On May 13, 1972 William Bludworth is on a Mount Abraham High School senior class trip and about to board the cruise ship Barbados Princess owned by the Viking Princess Cruise Line bound for the Bahamas at the New York Passenger Ship Terminal on the West Side of Manhattan. The characters shown as students in addition to William Bludworth are Mike, Emily, Katherine, Nancy, George, Martha, Peggy, Andrew and Jose. The teachers shown as characters are Robert Mc…

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DonTurner DonTurner 22 May 2018

!y Final Destination 6

The film starts out with the music from Final Destination (2000) and shows iconic landmarks in Vienna like St.Stephens Cathedral, the Vienna Opera, Danube Tower, and Weiner Reisenrad lit up at night. Then a group of high school seniors from McKinley High School are shown on a class trip to Germany and Austria. The names of the students who are characters are Mike, Robert, Roger, Deanna, Amber, Ron, and Emily. The teachers shown as characters are Jack Hensley and April Smith. There are a total of 5 chaperones and 25 students. In Vienna, after a day at St.Stephens Cathedral, the Vienna Opera, and other sites, the group prepares to board the iconic Prater Wheel (Weiner Riesenrad) for a night view of Vienna when Robert has a premonition of the…

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Sketchlooksatwiki Sketchlooksatwiki 6 May 2018

Final Destination 6 Ideas

  • 1 Suggested Characters and why
  • 2 Possible Major Disaster/ Opening Disasters
  • 3 Possible Endings
  • 4 Death Ideas
  • 5 A cool idea I had

Brian Gibbons (can explain why he died if FD 6 is a prequel to 2)

Wendy Christensen (Her fate still remains unknown, maybe her death could be on a newspaper?)

William Bludworth (maybe explains the chain of premonitions and why they keep happening)

A severe earthquake causes the destruction of a mall, killing hundreds

A massive wildfire occurs in a park.

After thinking they stopped death, the remaining survivors get front seats to a heavy metal concert, but the concert's loud music causes the speakers to fall of the stage and crush the survivors

A construction site's tree collapses onto a survivor's house, killing the people insi…

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Jacobr1020 Jacobr1020 30 April 2018

Hot Tub Death Idea

Remember me? I'm the one that posted two different plot ideas for FD6, one involving a boat and the other involving a ski lodge. Like some people said, some of the deaths weren't that complex or realistic for a Final Destination movie, so I've been brainstorming a couple of ideas for deaths and I hit on something similar to the tanning bed death in Final Destination 3, this one involving a hot tub:

A bit of a rich, snobby guy (let's call him Damian) decides to go relax in his fancy, hi-tech spa, which is enclosed in a gazebo. Unbeknowst to him, the gazebo door locks behind him and the spa's temperature regulator malfunctions, causing the temperature to rise. After relaxing for a while, Damian decides that it is too hot and goes to turn down…

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MAENG9 MAENG9 21 February 2018

Final Destination: WIPEOUT

Hi, it's my first blog post here.

Final destination 5 was a prequel, and it was a satisfying conclusion to the whole series. So, I thought just another a typical sequel with same stories would be meaningless.

How about Final destination 6 to be a Big, Massive sequal similiar to disaster movies?

A girl, or a boy stops a huge disaster which could have ended a huge human population after seeing a premonition, and after that, a lot of disasters suddenly begin to arise around the world to kill saved people.

Yeah that will cost a lot of money for a R rated horror movie, but how about focusing on a girl or a boy who saved the world? Making less detailed disasters would cost cheaper, and focus on a dilemma of the main character who saved the world bu…

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BastianGT BastianGT 16 December 2017

Final Destination 3 by Christa Faust

Hello people, anyone knows where I can find and download "Final Destination 3 by Christa Faust" in PDF or other format?

I have even tried to buy it online but there has been no luck u_u

I will be very grateful for the help

Edit 27-01-2018: I got the book. :-)  I will try to transcribe it and upload it to a page so that everyone can read it, but it will take a while.

Edit 29-01-2018: Chapter 1

Edit 05-02-2018: Chapter 2

Edit 12-02-2018: Chapter 3

Edit 19-02-2018: Chapter 4

Edit 26-02-2018: Chapter 5

Edit 05-03-2018: Chapter 6

Edit 12-03-2018: Chapter 7

Edit 19-03-2018: Chapter 8

Edit 26-03-2018: Chapter 9

Edit 02-04-2018: Chapter 10

Edit 09-04-2018: Chapter 11

Edit 16-04-2018: Chapter 12

Edit 23-04-2018: Chapter 13

Edit 30-04-2018: Chapter 14

Edit 07-05-2018…

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FinalDestination6 FinalDestination6 15 December 2017

Final Destination 6

Final Destination 6

A group of 7 friends - Amy Jordan, her boyfriend Niall Johnston, her best friend Caroline Reedus, Caroline's girlfriend Tara Palmer, Jen Davisson, who has a crush on Amy, jock Paul Franklin, and former drug addict Ed Antler - board a cruise ship for a day of fun. However Amy has a premonition of everybody on the ship dying. Niall believes it is because she forgot to take her schizophrenia medication and convinces the ship's captain, Markus, to let them return to shore. Markus instructs two crew members, Dinesh and Jeffrey, to take Amy back to shore on a smaller boat. Also aboard the smaller boat are the ship's doctor, Dr. Parks, salesman Rachel Jeffords and Hugh Raleigh, and the rest of Amy's friends except for Ed, who …

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