• Forest Green Rovers

    fiery 86

    September 23, 2018 by Forest Green Rovers

    I took the message

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  • FieryWolf29

    Can we get an admin?

    September 23, 2018 by FieryWolf29

    It's come to my attention that user Forest Green Rovers has recently gone on a editing spree, creating pages of characters that don't exist, adding excessive amounts of catagories, and editing certain current pages in ways that do not need it. While there may be other lurkers causing havok, the problem remains that there isn't anybody to report these incidents to. Without an active admin, I feel that these people are able to reck havok without consequence. From what I can tell, it's impossible for someone in my position to remove some of these pages (Examples 1 2), and the amount of "contributions" they have done, which has been gained primarily from overzealous editing of false pages to begin with, means they are able to access and edit g…

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  • DonTurner

    Final Destination 8

    September 15, 2018 by DonTurner

    The opening scene of Final Destination 8 begins with scenes of the Berlin skyline during the daytime with classical German music and landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Cathedral, Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz, and the Fernsehturm. Afterwards a group of college kids are on summer vacation in Berlin in their fourth day in Berlin and are about to leave the hotel to go up the Fernsehturm (TV Tower). The names of the characters are Deanna, Amanda, Jeff, Devon, Blake, Roger, Rebecca, and Mike. When the college students arrive at the Fernsehturm after getting off the top on hop off sightseeing bus, Deanna has a vision of a fire starting in the kitchen of the revolving restaurant and killing most of the people inside the Tower including ever…

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  • Forest Green Rovers

    This will be expensive. Chris to Tilda,about the parasailing. 

    ChristianChris Sallace is a main character in Final Destination Miami and is a survivor of Hotel Theatre explosion. He was a man that loved entertaintment.                                                                                                                                   Chris was the second survivor to die.

    Chris was a man that loved fun and entertaintments like her wife,Tilda. He was a bit arrogant,rude and a flatulent. He loved his wife.

    Chris was in the Hotel Canc theatre while Annabelle saw a premonition about theatre will explode. He argued with Nate,then Chris and Tilda walked away.                                                                                …

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  • Forest Green Rovers

    Emma Monroy

    June 23, 2018 by Forest Green Rovers

    Emma Monroy is a main character in Final Destintaion:Lab Thing and is a survivor of McKinley Highschool Lab accidents. Emma got long blonde hair and brown eyes. She was a good friend of Samantha and Julia. Her school was McKinley Highschool. On 28 May 2018,when Jonathan saw a premontion about schools lab,she go out with Julia,Sam,Diana and Zino.  3 Days later after the accidents,she go to Zino's funeral at morning. After funeral finished she go to the optician that Jonathan,Hakanow and Samantha is resting and talking about Death's List. Then Jonathan saw a vision about her death but Emma didn't understand anything. At the moment a gardener in a garden that is front of the optician bumped to a pebble that Hak…

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  • Forest Green Rovers

    Zino Writea

    June 22, 2018 by Forest Green Rovers
    This lesson finished for us.

    Zino Writea is a main character in Final Destination:Lab Thing and is a survivor of McKinley Highschool Lab accidents.       Zino was the first survivor to die. 

    Zino was a girl that had long black hair,black eyes and glasses. She was Hakanow O'Banner's good friend. She was a student in McKinley Highschool.

    Zino was in the lab on 28 May 2018 with her classmates. She go out from the lab when Jonathan Asparagus saw a premontion. On 30 May 2018;while everyone going to house, she asked Jonathan they can drink a coffee with Hakanow. But he said no so Zino walked home,alone. 

    While she is going to her home,her test book fall to ground. With the wind,the book skid to a construction zone and stuck in some woods. Zino walke…

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  • Forest Green Rovers

    Zino Writin

    June 22, 2018 by Forest Green Rovers

    Zino Writing is a main character in Final Destination:Lab Thing and is a survivor of McKinley Highschool Lab accidents. Zino was the first survivor to die.

    == “This lesson finished for us.” Zino,to other survivors where they go out from the lab. ==

    == Biography Zino was a 18 year old girl in McKinley Highschool. She was a good friend of Hakanow O’Banner.

    == Final Destination:Lab Thing On 28 May 2018,she was at the Lab when Jonathan Asparagus saw a premonotion. She went out with other survivors. On 30 May 2018

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  • Forest Green Rovers

    Zino Writing Zino Writing is a main character in Final Destination:Lab Thing and is a survivor of McKinley Highschool Lab accidents. Zino was the first survivor to die.

    Biography Zino was a 18 year old highschool student in McKinley Highschool. She and Hakanow O’Banner were classmates and good friends.

    Final Destination:Lab Thing Zino was at the Lab with her classmates on 28 May 2018. She went out with Jonathan too. On 30 May 2018 she asked Jonathan they can go to a coffee shop with Hakanow. But he said no. So Zino walked alone to home.


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  • DonTurner

    The opening credits for Final Destination 7 show the 1972 New York City skyline lit up at night with landmarks like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center Twin Towers, and the Chrysler Building it up and the music from the opening credits of Final Destination 3. On May 13, 1972 William Bludworth is on a Mount Abraham High School senior class trip and about to board the cruise ship Barbados Princess owned by the Viking Princess Cruise Line bound for the Bahamas at the New York Passenger Ship Terminal on the West Side of Manhattan. The characters shown as students in addition to William Bludworth are Mike, Emily, Katherine, Nancy, George, Martha, Peggy, Andrew and Jose. The teachers shown as characters are Robert Mc…

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  • DonTurner

    The film starts out with the music from Final Destination (2000) and shows iconic landmarks in Vienna like St.Stephens Cathedral, the Vienna Opera, Danube Tower, and Weiner Reisenrad lit up at night. Then a group of high school seniors from McKinley High School are shown on a class trip to Germany and Austria. The names of the students who are characters are Mike, Robert, Roger, Deanna, Amber, Ron, and Emily. The teachers shown as characters are Jack Hensley and April Smith. There are a total of 5 chaperones and 25 students. In Vienna, after a day at St.Stephens Cathedral, the Vienna Opera, and other sites, the group prepares to board the iconic Prater Wheel (Weiner Riesenrad) for a night view of Vienna when Robert has a premonition of the…

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  • Sketchlooksatwiki

    Brian Gibbons (can explain why he died if FD 6 is a prequel to 2)

    Wendy Christensen (Her fate still remains unknown, maybe her death could be on a newspaper?)

    William Bludworth (maybe explains the chain of premonitions and why they keep happening)

    A severe earthquake causes the destruction of a mall, killing hundreds

    A massive wildfire occurs in a park.

    After thinking they stopped death, the remaining survivors get front seats to a heavy metal concert, but the concert's loud music causes the speakers to fall of the stage and crush the survivors

    A construction site's tree collapses onto a survivor's house, killing the people inside (maybe the survivors are having a meeting inside)

    An escaped murderer who encounters the survivors, while walking dow…

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  • Jacobr1020

    Hot Tub Death Idea

    April 30, 2018 by Jacobr1020

    Remember me? I'm the one that posted two different plot ideas for FD6, one involving a boat and the other involving a ski lodge. Like some people said, some of the deaths weren't that complex or realistic for a Final Destination movie, so I've been brainstorming a couple of ideas for deaths and I hit on something similar to the tanning bed death in Final Destination 3, this one involving a hot tub:

    A bit of a rich, snobby guy (let's call him Damian) decides to go relax in his fancy, hi-tech spa, which is enclosed in a gazebo. Unbeknowst to him, the gazebo door locks behind him and the spa's temperature regulator malfunctions, causing the temperature to rise. After relaxing for a while, Damian decides that it is too hot and goes to turn down…

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  • MAENG9

    Final Destination: WIPEOUT

    February 21, 2018 by MAENG9

    Hi, it's my first blog post here.

    Final destination 5 was a prequel, and it was a satisfying conclusion to the whole series. So, I thought just another a typical sequel with same stories would be meaningless.

    How about Final destination 6 to be a Big, Massive sequal similiar to disaster movies?

    A girl, or a boy stops a huge disaster which could have ended a huge human population after seeing a premonition, and after that, a lot of disasters suddenly begin to arise around the world to kill saved people.

    Yeah that will cost a lot of money for a R rated horror movie, but how about focusing on a girl or a boy who saved the world? Making less detailed disasters would cost cheaper, and focus on a dilemma of the main character who saved the world bu…

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  • BastianGT

    Hello people, anyone knows where I can find and download "Final Destination 3 by Christa Faust" in PDF or other format?

    I have even tried to buy it online but there has been no luck u_u

    I will be very grateful for the help

    Edit 27-01-2018: I got the book. :-)  I will try to transcribe it and upload it to a page so that everyone can read it, but it will take a while.

    Edit 29-01-2018: Chapter 1

    Edit 05-02-2018: Chapter 2

    Edit 12-02-2018: Chapter 3

    Edit 19-02-2018: Chapter 4

    Edit 26-02-2018: Chapter 5

    Edit 05-03-2018: Chapter 6

    Edit 12-03-2018: Chapter 7

    Edit 19-03-2018: Chapter 8

    Edit 26-03-2018: Chapter 9

    Edit 02-04-2018: Chapter 10

    Edit 09-04-2018: Chapter 11

    Edit 16-04-2018: Chapter 12

    Edit 23-04-2018: Chapter 13

    Edit 30-04-2018: Chapter 14

    Edit 07-05-2018…

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  • FinalDestination6

    Final Destination 6

    December 15, 2017 by FinalDestination6

    Final Destination 6

    A group of 7 friends - Amy Jordan, her boyfriend Niall Johnston, her best friend Caroline Reedus, Caroline's girlfriend Tara Palmer, Jen Davisson, who has a crush on Amy, jock Paul Franklin, and former drug addict Ed Antler - board a cruise ship for a day of fun. However Amy has a premonition of everybody on the ship dying. Niall believes it is because she forgot to take her schizophrenia medication and convinces the ship's captain, Markus, to let them return to shore. Markus instructs two crew members, Dinesh and Jeffrey, to take Amy back to shore on a smaller boat. Also aboard the smaller boat are the ship's doctor, Dr. Parks, salesman Rachel Jeffords and Hugh Raleigh, and the rest of Amy's friends except for Ed, who …

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  • Robertoiglesias

    Final Destination 6 could be coming. Should we have it? 

    I think there should be a Final destination 6. It would be great to have another great movie after The Final Destination messed up badly(it wasn't so bad). So, sholuld it be a prequel to FD5, a sequel to it, or a sequel to TFD?

    If it is a prequel to Final Destination 5, it could happen because William Bludworth said in FD5 that he experienced things like the bridge collapse before. However, how do you make a prequel to a prequel?

    If it is a sequel to FD5, it could happen just because it can. Only problem: This would be similar to the Star Wars prequels. 

    If it is a sequel to TFD, it would be cool because it could be a make up sequel after the problems with TFD. But, it would probably not…

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  • Robertoiglesias


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  • Kylep1229

    I had a dream of the 6th Final Destination. (Originally me and my classmates are the characters but I had another dream, still us but with different names.) (Of course, the people that are based is still alive! Bro it's so logical, it's just my dream.)

    Jane Utery :  The visionary, girlfriend of Mark Topper,  similar from Nick O'Bannon, from having short premonitions. Her grandfather is Death itself. Died from a heart attack when her grandfather visited her. Her grandfather has no responsibility fromher death, meaning that there's another one who kills people. Last and 11th survivor of the London Eye collapse to die. (based from my crush and friend, Nikki Opina).

    Mark Topper : Boyfriend of Jane Utery, similar from Lori Milligan, from helping …

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  • JodiWillett

    Hi Everyone, 

    I've editted this wiki in the past back in 2010-2012. But I've never had an account. 

    I grew up not too far from the ficitional Mt Abraham but I've speant the past few years in Vancouver where they filmed every movie acceot the 4th. I've uncovered some of the locations, even the unlisted one's like the "Paris" scene from the ending of Final Destination. 

    I still don't get formatting well enough, so if someone could be kind enough to spruce up the page I just created called Filming Locations I know it  owuld be a service to us all!

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  • Yolo5192003


    May 10, 2016 by Yolo5192003

    Dear Anyone,

    I am having trouble with removing pictures.

    Just 2 days ago, I personally updated to FD front page, The Featured Article and Featured Character sections.

    I want to input a picture of The Springfield Shopping Mall (From TFD) because it shows the picture of the Devil's Flight Roller Coaster (From FD3) from before I changed it. Can someone please tell me how to remove that picture of the roller coaster, so I can put a picture of the mall?

    Thank You,


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  • TheFilipinoUser

    Final Destination 6

    February 21, 2016 by TheFilipinoUser

    So this is my new account from KikoDizon i made new stories lol.

    Angelene "Angel" Anderson
    Visionary, Caucasian. Girlfriend of Ian, emotional and expressive. bestfriend of Jane and Charley, 21

    Katelyn "Katie" Anderson
    Sister of Angel. Caucasian. Ex-girlfriend of Robin , Best friend of Jess. Carefree, Caring, and Kind, 22

    Nathan "Nate" De Los Reyes
    Filipino-American. Boyfriend of Angel, Bestfriend of Toby and Miles. laid-back, lazy, and friendly, 22

    Janette "Jane" Monroe
    Lesbian, Caucasian, goth, ex-girlfriend of Charley, Bestfriend of Angelene and Carley, witty and sarcastic, 21

    Matthew "Miles" Flynn
    Ex-boyfriend of Charley. Hispanic, Bestfriend of Ian and Toby. Socially awkward, big procrastinator, friendly, 22

    Charlotte "Charley" Cosgrove

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  • J Spice

    So about a week ago(week ago)I came up with an awesome idea on how New Line Cinema and WB could finish the Final Destination series.

    Final Destination:Origins:Part One:The movie is set across in two different time periods.It starts with a prologue explaining how and why Death was created.The first time period is the Medieval Times.Ancestors of Bludworth and all the survivors cheat death when the Bludworth ancestor(who's probably a slave)has a premonition of a giant castle collapsing.The second time period is a young William Bludworth in the 1970's who has a premonition of a building collapse(to connect the two disasters slightly).All of the deaths will be slightly similar to one another as Death's way of taunting them.In the medieval story,…

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  • Meurlorg

    To be honest I found "Final Destination" to be a entertaining watch which led me to formulated or overthink the plot.

    Two theory immediately pop out of my mind after watching the movies.

    The coroner is somehow responsible for the visions received, he does this to either preserve or prolong his life this means that he is either a survivor of a similar event or the very perpetrator this does not mean he is death but a mortal who found a way to prolong his life by said method.

    What do you guys think of the theory although its a bit bare-bone at best.

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  • Diszxchat

    I dream like imagine there is final destination 6.

    One is death is like victim puts makeup and then fan is blowing and hair gets stuck. She off the fan and one of the victim came and tell her not to move. She move and she get pulled. She scream like let me go and one of them pushes her which causes to spam the fan buttons and fan turned on. She scream as fan kept turning her hair and then the cover got loose.

    Her hair but not fully and she's happy and gets pull by people and then hair gets stuck and she died. Face are bits in pieces. Fan blade is sharp.

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  • SmartSlowpoke
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  • SmartSlowpoke

    Marcy Ramirez is a 22 year old college student living her best friend Ariel Winston. One day she goes to a parade on 86th Street where she sees a number of bad omens. She attempts to brush it off and enjoy her day. That is until she spaces out. She receives a all too realistic vision of a water tank atop one of the buildings collapsing over the street.

    The metal tank kills multiple civilians and, as the tank bursts, the water claims many more. Parade floats begin to tip over and all she can hear are the screams of the attendees. Battered and bruised she resurfaces and clings to a shop's sign. She lets out one final scream when she witnesses an electrical cable snap and fly towards her. Just as the cable is about to strike she is brought ba… Read more >
  • DSPurantoro

    Daniel Roques

    April 30, 2015 by DSPurantoro

    Daniel Roques was a survivor of the Omeilia bridge disaster. He is an employee of Fremida insurance as an accountant for the Finance department. He was one of the workers to go on a holiday with 5 others of his close colleagues.

    Daniel was the 5th survivor to die.

    " I think since death struck the witness, i think were all skipped. That means we're not on the list anymore!"

    Daniel to Hussein, minutes before his death.

    Daniel lives in the Omara region of Akarts city. He is quiet, reserved but friendly. He was one of the workers who was qualified to go to Valmeda valley, some 122 kilometers east of Akarts city.

    After hearing that the bridge was going to crash, he suspected that Ariana was on drugs and asked Hussein, his best friend, whether there …

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  • Kikodizon

    Katie Lawton

    April 29, 2015 by Kikodizon

    Angie! Please your freaking everybody out!

    Katie calming down Angelene

     Katie Lawton is a survivor of the Discovery Tower Collapse. She is the older sister of Angelene Anderson and the wife of Robin Lawton. Robin and Katie married early.

    Katie was borned in September 11 1987. In Mckinley,Pennsylvania. Then in 2006 she became a Goth. She is Mean,Hot-Headed,and Sarcastic

    Katie is with her sister and her husband went to the Discovery Tower.After Angelene had the premonition she tried to calm down Angelene. Causing Angelene to accidentally slapping her making Robin angry.Robin yells at Angelene making her run away to the elevator causing her friends follow her.Katie leaves Robin. Robin apologizes. As Katie and Robin go to the elevator they felt the…

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  • DSPurantoro

    Melinda Yohanssan

    March 23, 2015 by DSPurantoro

    " I'm beggining to think that i'm next. Whatever. I dont care whether that i die next, or die later. Life's a bitch and an ass"

    Melinda to Ariana on Death's Design

    Melinda Yohanssan is one of the survivors of the Omeila Bridge collapse. She is the head of the Human Resource at Fremda Insurance.  She is one of the workers to go on a holiday with the other survivors.

    Melinda was the third survivor to die.

    Name Melinda Yohanssan
    Potrayed By


    First Seen: Final Destination Marked
    Last Seen Final Destination: Marked
    Gender Femal
    Birth: 3 March 1973
    Died: 16 January 2000
    Cause of Death Incinerated in gas explosion
    Proffesion Head of human resources
    Age 30

    Josh Woods - Boyfriend

    Hussein Yazhmet - co worker

    Nigel Ovroine - co worker

    Daniel Roques - Fri…

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  • DSPurantoro

    Josh Woods

    March 21, 2015 by DSPurantoro

    "What do you mean by that? Man, i dont believe in such bullshit! That is just smth called "coincidence"

    - Josh on Nigel's  death.

    Josh Woods was one of the survivors of the Omeilia bridge collapse. He is the Insurance Agent employee of Fremeda Insurance. He is good friends with Daniel, Melinda and with the rest of the colleagues. He is one of the employees to go for a holiday to Valmeda Valley with Nigel, Josh, Melinda, Hussein, Daniel, Ariana and 7 others.

    Josh was the second survivor to die.

    Name: Josh Woods
    Potrayed By: -
    First Seen: Final Destination:Marked
    Last Seen: Final Destination:Marked
    Full Name: Josh Woods
    Status Deceased
    Gender Male
    Born 12 October 1975
    Died: 15 January 2000
    Cause of death: Fell on concrete
    Proffesion Insurance Agent

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  • DSPurantoro

    Omeilia Bridge was a doomed bridge in Final Destination:Marked that occured on December 12, 1999. Ariana Lopez has the premonition of the bridge collapsing, killing her and everybody in the bridge.  If included with the Final Destination Series, this would be the first disaster, the only disaster with less than 7 survivors. 

    When Bus 1717  was passing the bridge, it stopped due to traffic. After about 20 minutes, cracks started to appear in the bridge and people start to flee.  Melinda trips and fall down into the water while clinging to the remnants of the brige. Her body was trisected by a passing yacht.

    Hussein tried to escape through a beam the connects the other side of the bridge in which he succeeded. While he was doing this, Daniel los…

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  • DSPurantoro

    Brittany Michel Rose

    March 20, 2015 by DSPurantoro

    " I cant't believe it. This is... unbearable"

    Nigel, on the deceased victims of the Omella bridge collapse

    Nigel Ovroine was a survivor of the Omelia Bridge Collapse. He is the human resource manager at Fremeda Insurance. He is good friends with Hussein Yazhmet Hanira and Melinda Yohanssan.

    Nigel was the 1st survivor to die. 

    Nigel lived in the Yozamrat region in Akarts city. He works as a human resource manager at Fremeda Insurance and is best friends with Hussein Yazhmet Harina and Melinda Yohanssan. They have bene friends since childhood. He is outgoing, fun and a hardworker.  

    Nigel Ovroine

    Nigel Ovroine

    Potrayed by: Popson Godwin

    First Seen

    Final Desination (Marked)

    Last Seen Final Destination (Marked)

    Full Name Nigel Ovroine

    Origin Yozamrat,Akar…

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  • Anonymousperson3359

    Train 057

    December 27, 2014 by Anonymousperson3359

    Train 057 is an doomed train subway appearing in Final Destination 6 which Alex Coleman has a premonition sometime in January or February of 2007. Train 057 is the only opening disaster with more survivors than casualties as well as the only one with an undefined survivor.

    A section of the hydraulics on one of the pipes underneath the train had begun to leak, which ruptured before the ride started. As the ride progressed, the pipe began to rattle and jar loose. While going through a loop, Andie Martin had her camera knocked out of his hand by Alex Harris, which wrapped around the tracks. The rail ran over the camera, which severed the hydraulic line, in turn disconnecting the train.

    The train then crashes into the wall, killing the other peo…

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  • Anonymousperson3359

    Alex Harris

    December 27, 2014 by Anonymousperson3359

    I've got my eye on you, Brenda.

    Alex, right before his death.

    Alex Harris is a survivor in Final Destination 6. He is a single father to Brenda Harris when his wife, Miranda dies and a survivor to Train 057 derailment.

    • Final Destination 6 (portrayed by Matthew Broderick)
    • Final Destination 7 (archive footage) (portrayed by Matthew Broderick)
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  • Tami34

    Every spring break, almost every school in Lousiana have a Spring Spreak Party. During the party, all the high schoolers can enter a speed boat race to win $100,000. Easton goes to this party with his close friends Dahlia, Evan and Sarah. Dahlia comes up with the idea of entering the race and Evan comes up with the idea of splitting the money, if they win. Easton was kind of worried about entering due to many of the racers play dirty and cheat. Eventually Easton agrees with Dahlia about entering the race having Dahlia, Evan, and Sarah as passengers. This year fifty speed boats would be racing at the same time ranking the most speed boats to date. Easton was ready to race, when he looks over and see's a guy drinking beer, guys igniting fire…

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  • Tanya AZian
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  • Tanya AZian

    See more :- cast  and  visionary introduction 

    Similar to Final Destination 2 opening.Except it takes place in Aaron's hotel room in Hotel Le Plaza while Erica is sleeping with him.And a woman's voice (revealed to be Wendy ) is whispering Aaron's name into his ears,he wakes up and sees a news about the 14th anniversary of Flight 180

    Tourism announcer :-  Good morning tourists,we will be leaving for Signal De Botrange hill shortly.Please assemble to the tour bus after finishing breakfast as we will be leaving immediately.

    Aaron : Hey,Larry. Just wanted to say that thanks for bringing us to Brussels.Nice way to spend our Summer.

    Larry : No need to thank me for that.Just did my thing because we all needed a  vacation .

    Aaron :- A vacation away fr…

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  • Tanya AZian

    (The main characters are seen entering the bus)

    Aaron (Off-screen voice) : You all might have heard about the premonitions that happened since 15 years.....

    (At the signal de botrange,there is a heavy snowing happening,a loud thunder is heard)

    Aaron : Do you feel that ?

    Jake : What ?

    Aaron : Something's wrong.

    (We see the premonition part where we see Amber falliing,a truck about to fall on some one ,Aaron swimming inside the floods and Ned about to get hit by rocks,it later flashes out to Aaron looking around with big eyes and sweating.)


    (The clips of the actual floods are shown,the survivors are seen fea…

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  • Anonymousperson3359

    Sarah Conner

    November 7, 2014 by Anonymousperson3359

    How do you know about it, Alex?

    Sarah telling Alex why he saw what will happen. 

    Sarah Conner is a character who appears in Final Destination 6 who was a survivor in Train 057.

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  • Anonymousperson3359

    Betty Conner

    November 7, 2014 by Anonymousperson3359

    Well, Alex, I've done a research of North Bay Bridge, Volée Airlines Flight 180, Route 23 and Devil's Flight on the computer that says there are 4 people who saw it before it happens. First, it was Sam Lawton, second is Alex Browning, third is Kimberly Corman, the fourth was Wendy Christensen then it was you.

    Betty telling Alex about the people who saw the future what will happen to the 4 visionaries and the other survivors.

    Betty Conner is one of the characters of Final Destination 6 who is one of the survivors of Train 057.



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  • Tanya AZian

    My version of the cllimax of FD India ,it will have little similarities with the FD3 and FD5 Endings

    After Aditi's death,Samar (Ali Zafar) meets up with Nikita (Taapsee Pannu) and Alvira (Harshita Gaur) at the St.Andrews church in graveyard,where a remembrance is going on for the christian casualities of the floods.Nikhil meets them and tells them about the theories of death.He even asks if Samar maybe the last one on the list,Samar replies that he doesn't know,depending on whether his order is intervened or not.Nikhil tells him that he doesn't care anymore and suddenly starts shooting at him,Nikita and Alvira.Nikita and Alvira hide in the church whil…

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  • Ianculveragomez

    - FD3 was good and FD4 was bad

    - Nick was boring but his character is awesome while Wendy was awesome but her character was boring

    - The 3rd and 5th death

    - Everyone accepted the death of nick while most people rejected the death of wendy

    - The 3 last survivors of 3 live in the alt. ending while the 3 last survivors of TFD don't

    - The african-american on FD3 died in the first half of the order while the one on TFD died in the second half

    - The survivors of 3 knows the other survivors while while on 4 dont 

    - Nick was able to help people on 4 while while wendy wasn't

    - There are 6 girls and 4 boys on 3 while 6 boys and 4 girls on TFD

    - There is only 1 unknown age in FD3 while only 1 known age is on TFD

    Although There are also similarities

    - The last 3…

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  • Tanya AZian


    "Oh No!!!! Wendy, you can't do this to me!!!! Please Wake up!!!! Please!!!! I need you!!!!"

    Aaron,after finding Wendy dead.

    Aaron Keating is the main protagonist and visionary of Final Destination 6.He has a premonition of the landslide at Signal De Botrange in Brusells,Belgium.

    He is the remaining survivor of the landslide because 'New Life'.

    "I know you would'nt believe me,But you all might have heard of Flight 180 incident that happened 15 years ago today"

    Aaron,about his vision

    Aaron Keating is a 4th year college student at Hollis University.He is smart,strong-willed,maverick and caring.It was also revealed that in his adolescence years he was bipolar and was addicted to Vicodin drug.He also revealed at the age of 15  when he saw a new…

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  • Anonymousperson3359

    Alex Coleman

    October 31, 2014 by Anonymousperson3359

    Guys, you heard about the flight 180, route 23 and devil's flight, guys, because my premonition was like Alex Browning, Kimberly Corman and Wendy Christensen.

    Alex, telling everyone about his premonition.

    Alex Coleman is a visionary and a main character in Final Destination 6 who has a premonition at a Train 57 crash.


    • His name is based on Alex Browning.
    • His death is similar to Lori Milligan and Nora Carpenter because they are both decapitated.
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  • Tanya AZian

    Wendy Christensen will return to help my new main character Aaron Keating.

    15 years after Flight 180 ,college student Aaron Keating (Ian Harding) is all set for visiting Signal De Botrange with his college friends in Brussels,Belgium.Upon reaching,Aaron has a premonition of a dam overflowing the water,causing a deadly landslide killing him and others except his girlfriend Erica Montgomery (Emily Vancamp).Out of Panic,he persuades Erica,friends Larry Beckett (Alferd Enoch) and Melissa Cooper (Hayeden Pannetiere),classmates Jake Larsen (Rory Culkin) and Ned Wilson (Connor Paolo),Jake's girlfriend Amber Williams (Katie Findlay),Amber's rival Alexis Hill (Christa B.Allen) and geography teacher and chaparone Kathy Johanson (Kate Hudson) to leav…

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  • Tanya AZian 

    It will be set 1-and-a-half year after FD6

    • Ian Harding as Ryan Harper

    He is the protagonist and the survivor of Train 046.He was saddened over his girlfriend and visioner of train 046 Sarah's death.To protect himself from Death , he moved to Paris,France to start his life with a new beginning.He later returns to New York to help Alison and Jay cheat death.8th and final survivor of Train 046 to die.

    • Chloe Bennet as Alison Brody

    Alison is the main protagonist and visionary of Hackberry Hill landslide.She is a young English Teacher at Mt.Abraham High School,replacing Valerie Lewton and Eugene Dix.1st remaining survivor of the landslide.

    • Zac Efron as Jay Camer…

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  • Tanya AZian

    Nikhil Sharma

    August 28, 2014 by Tanya AZian

    Tell Neha,I love her.

    Nikhil,before he is killed by Samar.

    Nikhil Sharma was a journalist in Mumbai Mirror and the survivor of Uttarakhand Floods. He was also Neha Bhatt's boyfriend.

    Nikhil was the seventh and last survivor to die.

    Nikhil resided in Bandra Kurla Complex,Mumbai.He works as a journalist in the Nation column in Mumbai Mirror.He dated Neha Bhatt and was friends with Samar Singh Rathore,Mayera Kashyap,Amit Oberoi and Aditi Sethna.In 2005,when he was in Mckinley,Pennsylvania,he was in Train 053 which hit Wendy Christensen . Disgusted,he had gone back to the hotel,because of which he avoided his orignal death where he was supposed to die when a car he was supposed to be in collided with a truck.

    Nikhil went to Dehradun along with th…

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  • Tanya AZian
    • Emily Vancamp as Sarah Johanson

    She is the main protagonist and visionary of Train 046 derailment.She works in Presage Paper as a part of Local Sales division and is Ryan Harper's childhood best friend turned girlfriend.She is the 7th survivor to die.

    • Ian Harding as Ryan Harper

    He is Sarah's boyfriend and Molly Harper 's younger brother. After his sister's death on Flight 180 , he learns not only  about the North Bay Bridge , but also about Route 23 , Devil's Flight and McKinley Speedway . Like Clear Rivers , he is found by his co-workers as mysterious and sly,but trustworthy. He even truly believed Sarah's statements when she saw the vision about the derailment.8th and last survivor to die.

    • Sanam Saeed as Rhea Patel

    An Indian-American local s…

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  • Tanya AZian

    Aditi Sethna

    August 17, 2014 by Tanya AZian

    "I still can't believe they're gone"

    - Aditi,about the deceased survivors

    Aditi Sethna was a survivor of Uttarakhand floods and a journalist working in Mumbai Mirror.She was a good friend of Samar Singh Rathore and Vishal Gupta.

    Aditi was the sixth survivor to die.

    Aditi lived in Powai region in Mumbai. She works as a journalist in Mumbai Mirror and is friends with Samar and Vishal since childhood.She is artsy,smart and vivacious.When she was 14,she and her dad were one of the witnesses of Nathan Sears ' death when he got crushed by Flight 180 landing gear while they were having dinner in Cocktails Bar,which made her avoid her orignal death where she was supposed to die in a mall fire that night.

    She and the gang went to Dehradun for a 1 week v…

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  • Tanya AZian

    Raghav Anand

    August 15, 2014 by Tanya AZian

    "If Alvira asks anything about me,tell her that i always loved her"

    - Raghav,telling Samar about leaving Alvira

    Raghav Anand was a journalist of Mumbai Mirror and a survivor of Uttarakhand Floods.He was Alvira Rathore's boyfriend.

    He was the fifth survivor to die.

    Raghav lived in Bandra West,Mumbai.He was a writer for Edit Page section of Mumbai Mirror newspaper.He dated Alvira Rathore,who is Samar's younger sister.During his adolescent years,when he was holidaying in New York,he saw Olivia Castle falling from the LASIK building,which made him avoid his orignal death in a Amusment park collapse.

    Raghav went with the gang for Dehradun trip.Upon reaching,Samar started to freak out when he had the premonition about the floods.He was among those wh…

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