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Blake Dreyer
Blake Dreyer
Portrayed By
First Seen
Last Seen
Full Name
Blake Dreyer
Also Known As
Mt. Abraham, New York.
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
128 lbs.
Cause of Death
Incinerated by an airplane explosion
High School Student (Formerly)
Carl Dreyer–Father
Christa Marsh-Best Friend; Deceased
Alex Browning-Friend; Deceased
Tod Waggner–Friend; Deceased


Blake, after Christa asked Alex to move on Flight 180

Blake Dreyer is a character in the film Final Destination. She is a high school student and one of the casualties aboard the doomed Flight 180.

Final Destination

Blake and Christa were almost always seen together and Tod Waggner had a major crush on the two. Both of them got on the plane and politely asked Alex Browning to change seats so they could sit together. After he moved, the plane began to malfunction and exploded, killing Blake.

However, it was a premonition.


The newspaper involving Christa and Blake's death.

Blake and Christa ask Alex to change seats, just like in his dream, but he pants and jumps forward, ignoring the two girls. Alex began to freak and scream that the plane was going to explode, but Blake ignored him and stayed on the plane. Soon thereafter, it did explode, killing Blake and hundreds of other civilians.


  • Alex tells his mom not to rip off the tag from a previous flight because it's good luck. She rips it off anyway.
  • A man approaches Alex and tells him, "Death is not the end."
  • The departure time was the same as Alex's birthday.
  • One of the signs within the flight schedule has a broken wire.
  • In the terminal, Rocky Mountain High is playing, by John Denver, who died in a plane crash.
  • Before Alex gets on the plane, he sees a van. It's number is 666 - a number that associates with the devil.


  • Blake shares her surname with Carrie Dreyer, a casualty of Devil's Flight. The two have short hair and look similar. And both of them died during the opening disaster. They also wore a blue shirt in the whole movie, except Carrie's photo which appeared after her death (but her shirt still has blue strips). Although there are some coincidences, but the movie's producer Craig Perry had confirmed they had no relation. In addition, Blake was Carrie's sister in the novel, but it's consider non-canon.
  • She somehow, looks similar to Ashlyn Halperin from Final Destination 3, similar to how Christa, her friend, looks similar to Ashley Freund. So if they were to survive, they would have had similar roles to Ashley and Ashlyn.
  • Blake wears biege trousers as seen in several shots, while Crista wears blue trousers. Unlike Ashlyn and Ashley, who are shown to wear thongs, it is not known what kind of underwear they like.