Andrew Caine is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is a survivor of the Mornington Crescent accident that occured in the story and is the student of Hector Barnes in his field of Egyptology. He is also partners with Sir Norman Stanley's wife, Jane Stanley. As Andrew is attending a séance in Madame Adrienne's house, one of the attendees, Juliet Collins, has a vision of the house catching on fire and exploding due to a gas leak. Juliet causes a stir and decides to leave the séance, which persuades all of the other guests to leave as well, since they all know they can come another night. As they are walking away, the house explodes as Juliet predicted. Andrew and his partners are hardly fazed by the incident, and continue their work on Egyptology, expecting a sarcophagus to be delivered into port.

Andrew is the fourth survivor of the Mornington Crescent accident to die.


As Hector and Andrew haul a sarcophagus into Jane's private quarters, Jane instructs her butlers Fitch and Jensen to close and lock the doors to give them some private time. Hector and Andrew begin to pry open the sarcophagus as Jane watches in anticipation, revealing the mummy inside. When Hector puts his hand inside to go touch the eye sockets. he flinches and looks at his wrist, shocked to see a cobra snake has just bitten him. As Andrew watches Hector die, Jane tries to get out of the room, to no avail when a cobra bites her on the tongue. Andrew panics after both of them die and backs up to the wall, twisting his arm around and grabbing a stick from the wall to defend himself from the snake in front of him. Andrew desperatly aims for the head but misses. The cobra suddenly veers its head back and spits venom into Andrew's eyes from five feet away. Blinded, Andrew holds his head and screams as he falls down. Swarms of cobras slither over to Andrew and proceed to bite him on the ankle, arm, neck and groin, injecting poison all over his body and killing him.


  • Before leaving the room, Fitch notices what appears to be a puff of black fog emanate from the sarcophagus.
  • After locking the door, Jane tosses the key onto a table. Presumably manipulated by Death, the key, unnoticed by everyone, slides across the table and falls into the shadow of a bookcase.
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