Al Kinsey is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. Al is a talent agent who gets into a car accident with a construction worker named Zack Halloran, forcing the two of them to get their vehicles towed and take the South Hill Metroline. While preparing to board the train Al and several others are blocked from boarding by Patricia Fuller (who had a vision a bomb detonating on the train). Growing annoyed Al tries to knock Patti aside and gets into a fight with her boyfriend Will Sax, just as the bomb Patti claimed was on the train blows up.

Unlike the others who had survived the terrorist attack on the train Al is not shaken at all by the experience, viewing it merely as an opportunity to further his career. After being questioned by the authorities for a bit Al is allowed to return home. When Patti calls all the survivors together to tell them that she thinks Death is after them (the entity having already gotten Hal Ward and Zack) Al, in contrast to his usual hotheaded demeanor, actually believes Patti, but remains fairly nonchalant about the situation anyway, essentially saying he doesn't care if he dies soon, he's just going to enjoy the extra time he has been given.

Al was the fourth survivor of the South Hill Metroline accident to die.


Getting his car back from the shop the day after the meeting with the other survivors, Al picks up a prostitute named Candi, who he has perform fellatio on him while he drives around aimlessly. Eventually encountering a group driving the same model car as his Al challenges them to a drag race. Momentarily distracted by something he sees slithering along some oncoming train tracks Al falls behind his opponents, who wind up blowing a tire out on the tracks. Laughing at his opponents' misfortune, Al is decapitated when one of the other car's hubcaps is knocked loose and comes flying at him through the windshield. Candi screams and manages to stop the speeding car just in time for Will and Patti to find him moments after he's beheaded, the shock from seeing his headless corpse forcing Will to break down and vomit.


  • Al sees a dark shadow slithering along the train tracks just before the other car hits them and sends the hubcap in his direction.
  • It's ironic that Al loses his head while someone gives him head.